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June 2, 2012

         Hello Johnny and Landie readers one and all! You've been very patient, wondering what happened to Johnny in the JnL Apocalypse, you've tried to ask us for hints, but we've given you none, BUT TODAY IS THE DAY YOU FIND OUT!

          If you check out the newest pages of the Zombie Apocalypse comic you can finally get some well deserved answers to what really happened to Johnny. I won't take up any more of your time, enjoy this weeks update! 



May 19, 2012

         Hey there everybody! I'm so excited to announce that we have a new page for you all in the Epic: Johnny and Landie Apocalypse!

          Can I just say, that Johnny and I are both SO happy with how you guys are receiving and enjoying the JnL Apocalypse! It's always so great when someone lets us know that they like what we've been doing, and we've had lots of people complain that they want to know what happens to people sooner. This could not be any sweeter to our ears than if T-Pain, Ludacris, Will Smith and Rick Astley formed a Barbershop Quartet and sang 'She's a Troll'!

           As promised, you can check out the new page HERE, and please enjoy, as well as feel free to comment on our facebook page, tweet us, or send us an email!




May 4, 2012

         Hey there all you Johnny and Landie readers! We're back with yet another installment of your second favourite comic about zombies! I know I said that we'd have this update last week, but I think you can forgive us.

          Last Friday was very difficult for me because early in the morning my grandfather passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was a hero me, as well as to everyone he met throughout his life. To say that he will be missed is the understatement of the century. But I know that he's up in Heaven right now, probably brightening everyone's day. It's my hope that these new pages of the comic brighten yours. 




April 14, 2012

         Welcome back to Johnny and Landie, where dreams come true every once in a while. Just some information about how we're going to be updating the website for the next little while: Hopefully we're going to update the comics every two weeks. So you can expect an update on the 28th, can you guys wait that long? I sure hope so, but just in case you get a little lonely without your two amigos (meaning us) we have a Facebook you can visit us at, and make sure you follow us on Twitter as well to catch Landie's witticisms.

          Also, not sure if anyone noticed, but we REALLY cleaned up our homepage so it looks nicer and is easier to use. Like us on Facebook for Less Scrolling Necessary!  

          This week we've been writing plenty of new comics for our third year of comics, or as we call it: Season 3. In case anyone couldn't tell, the Johnny and Landie Zombie Apocalypse is the Season Finale  for our second season. So get ready for a brand new set of adventures in Johnny and Landie's Shared Apartment! *Pause for Dramatic Effect*

          We've also posted the next chapter of the Zombie Apocalypse if you guys want to check it out, which I hope you do, because we put a lot of effort into making them the best that they can be. Enjoy them! See you in two weeks!




March 30, 2012

         Wow! It really has been too long since I've seen all of you guys! Worry not though, we've got something new for you all. Remember how in the Legend of Landious, Landious and his crew spent a really long time on the ship to get to the island with the first guardian? Remember how you all got really frustrated and made your own Memes about it? Well good news! THEY'RE OFF THE BOAT!!!

          It's True! Well, you don't actually see them on solid ground just yet, but we do give you a sneak peek at the first Guardian and his Minion, we're really excited, and we hope you are too!

          During our month-long break we performed at a couple different venues, like Stay Golden 3, and we wrote a whole new rap for you guys. Be on the lookout for Johnny and Landie's upcoming song: "I Don't Make Love to Ninjas". 




February 24, 2012

         Huge news! Gigantic News! Titanic News!

         Well, it's not that big, it's not like the Deadpool movie (coming 2014) will be starring T-Pain or anything, but the news is still pretty big.

         Remember how we didn't have a Twitter before? Well now we Do! If you click on that Twitter button up there, that Johnny is so handsomely holding up for everyone, you can go straight to our Twitter Page. Even if you don't want to click on the button, which is crazy because it's such a good looking button, you can just follow us @JohnnyandLandie.

         Other than our twitter, which I'm kind of excited for, we've got something even more exciting for you! We're releasing the first part of the Season Finale for Season 2! It's a Zombie Apocalypse Episode! I don't want to give away anything, but beware, this week has quite a cliff hanger. Enjoy it!




February 4, 2012

         Wow! Where did January go? I'll tell you where it went... as soon as I figure that one out.

          I wish that I could say that we spent a lot of time planning things to come, but unfortunately that's not what happened. We're sorry that we've left you guys waiting for us while we worked through personal problems and finish university applications. But now we're back!

         We've got another page of Landious for you - it's not much, but it's all we have for now. We also have another image in the Sketches folder, the poster for the Legend of Landious that I used for my University Application. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do.

         Now to say that we did no planning during our break would be a lie, we have something quite awesome for you guys prepared for the Finale of Season 2 of Johnny and Landie. I've been super excited to do it for months, and we've got the first page done with much more to come. Enjoy the first update of the new year!




December 25, 2011

         Merry Christmas to All of our fans, from everyone here at Johnny and Landie .com!

         We cannot say enough how grateful we are to each and everyone of you guys who read our comics and actually enjoy them. It means a lot to us that you've made us into an internet comic series, rather than two lonely young adults who spend their weeks drawing pictures and colouring while laughing non-stop at inside jokes (not that we put any of those inside jokes into the comics... any more).

         For Christmas we've given you all the gift of a brand new Christmas Special featuring the Long Dead Matt Lynch the Lion, as well as nearly every other character featured in our comics before! We hope you enjoy your time with your families, and our new comic! 




December 18, 2011

         It's another Sunday! And with that other Sunday comes another update for the good people of the world! This week we've got a few new pages of the Legend of Landious for all of you to enjoy! So check in on the team's journey towards the Island of the first Guardian.

         For the past couple of weeks Johnny and I have been playing a lot of Soul Caliber. I've spent hours in the character creator perfecting the Landious, Shooliken and Gail Avatars and making them fight each other. I feel like it's been a good research opportunity for the comics, since it's given us some ideas for how different battles can play out, but it's mostly just giving us too many reasons to not work on this stuff. Hopefully when Soul Caliber V comes out at the end of January we'll be able to take pictures of the characters to post up on the sight.

         For anyone who's interested in a little behind the scenes action, we've got a storyboard of the development of Landious which shows all of the original designs that we came up with before we found the perfect armour and look for him, as well as a special NEW armour that hasn't been shown in the series yet. But if you're worried about spoilers, don't worry, we've already come up with better suits that you'll have to see. So feel free to check that out in the "Other Stuff" page.




December 11, 2011

         Happy Sunday boys and girls! This week's comic took a little bit longer to do because Johnny did such an amazing job with all of the background details. But I'm still going to post the new one up even though it's a little bit late. I'm sure you can forgive me since this week's comic is really good. Check it out!




December 2, 2011

         Hey kids! (and adults who read our comics like a baus) Did you miss us for the last two weeks? I apologize on behalf of everyone here at Johnny and (both of us) for our absence. two weeks ago Johnny and I performed at Rhyme Life Hip Hop so we were too busy rehearsing and Mastering Ceremonies to update the site. But fear not! That evening was far from wasted! Not only did it inspire us to post our music video for "Tea and Coffee" on Youtube, rather than just on Vimeo, but we also gave a hilarious performance which will also be on Youtube within a couple weeks.

          Last week I have less of an awesome excuse, but I did have to prepare my summative assignment for my internship. So... work comes first. A sad, but true fact.

          This week however, you can check out the comic based on Johnny and Landie's other role other than being comic characters: Rap Star Sensations! It's short, but sweet, so enjoy it as much as we do here.